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At Ellie, we believe everyone can benefit from mental health support.

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Love flexibility? Us too!

That’s why we’ve created an employment model that prioritizes creativity, culture and compensation (plus all the bennies!) Let’s change the future of mental health together.

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Who said pajamas were only appropriate for video sessions? Our core value of authenticity means we welcome you to come as you are. #comeasyouare #expressyoself


Are you tired of breaking up with therapists? Finding a therapist you vibe with is so important – in fact, most people who don’t connect with their therapist from the get-go don’t go back. And the better your relationship with your therapist, the more likely you are to improve in therapy.

That’s why we take the time to do it right! Our internal CATs (Client Access Team) have a fool-proof matching tool to match you with the purrrrrrfect fit.

When you call our Client Access Team, we go much deeper than “what’s your date of birth and insurance policy.” By the time you hang up the phone and have your first appointment scheduled, you know the therapist you’re going to see is the right match for your unique personality and individual journey.

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Enough other things are hard in life, getting help shouldn’t be. Everyone needs support sometimes and we want to make it easy for you. Your amygdala will thank you!

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Comprehensive Mental Health Services

We offer therapy in all shapes and sizes. We offer individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, medication management, and community based mental health services depending on location.

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In-Person, Virtual & In-Home Care Options

Take a seat on our super comfy couches or meet with us online. Our flexible options include in-office, telehealth, or at-home mental health service options to fit your needs.

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Support for every
stage of Life

Our goal is break down the mental health stigma once and for all. No matter your age, background, race, or gender, we’re here to help you thrive.

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Seeing your therapist at Ellie is like stopping by a friend’s house (if your friend was a badass therapist). We have comfy couches, stylish art, and hot tea. We like to call ourselves professional secret keepers.

Ellie provides mental health services for all ages. You can find individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, psychiatric medication management, and community-based mental health services. That means your providers are working together to ensure you are getting the right care and support!

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The Ellie Fam is going nationwide! Look out for a wave of new locations opening in cities across the country.

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The goal at Ellie is to say #stigmalater to the negative perception of mental health and our swag and services help reduce stigma all across the country. Ellie’s merch celebrates the beauty of what makes each and every human being different. 50% of the profits from the Live Authentic line are donated to local nonprofits.

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