About Ellie

The Ellie Difference 

Transforming the Culture of Mental Health 

Our mission is to make getting mental health care the norm. And while we know that going to therapy and being vulnerable with someone you just met can seem scary, we do everything we can to make each session as comfortable and fun as possible. We aim to walk along this journey with you and provide you with a safe place to talk, decompress, and heal.

The Ellie Story

Where We Started and Who We Are

Ellie was founded in 2015 by Erin Pash and Kyle Keller when they opened the first Ellie clinic. Since then, the Ellie fam has continued to grow with multiple clinics in Minnesota and a growing number of franchises across the country.

Ellie was proudly founded on the principle of destigmatizing mental health. The mental health industry is full of barriers, and we’ve made it our goal to fill the gap and find innovative ways to break down these barriers for the communities we serve.

The main way we do this? With humor! We believe that struggling with mental health issues is 100% normal. Some days are great, and some days make you wish you could dig yourself into a hole and hide from it all. Everyone has those days (even your therapist).

Every single person on this Earth has had their share of bad days – and if they say otherwise, just know that’s total BS. When your mental health is at its lowest, getting the care you need should be as easy to access as possible. Ellie is here to provide you that support: a real person walking alongside you through life’s wildest moments.

Our Core Values

Ellie Mental Health Stands by These Values


We get creative in providing unique mental health services to all. Our team is home to the most creative professionals in the field, and we continuously aim to promote a culture of unconventional thinking and flexible problem-solving.


Sincerity, integrity, and genuineness are all traits we aim to sharpen through honest self-reflection and ongoing self-development. We encourage all of our staff to continuously strengthen their relationship with their inner selves. 


We believe a good sense of humor is an invaluable personality characteristic. We use humor as a therapeutic technique for helping others to see problems in a new light, and as a means of cultivating a welcoming and playful environment for our staff and clients. 


All human beings experience pain and suffering. We believe it is our duty to honor and respect their stories, challenges, tragedies, and dreams. We compassionately hold a space for them to safely give voice to their pain and their hope.


We maintain an attitude of openness by welcoming and valuing differences. We strive to routinely practice acceptance; accepting ourselves, accepting others, accepting feedback, accepting changes, and accepting adversity.


We are determined to make a difference and to do all that we can to support the goals and visions of those we serve. We find a way to overcome all obstacles standing in the way of delivering comprehensive mental health services to all. 

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The Live Authentic Line is a way for Ellie to say #stigmalater to the negative perception of mental health and to celebrate the beauty of what makes each and every human unique. 50% of all merch sales are donated to local nonprofits. 

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If You’re Freaking the
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It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed. Come as you are and find a therapist you can vibe with.