Minnesota Community
Based Services

School-Based Partnerships

Our school mental health programming makes services accessible in K-12 students’ school environments, eliminating the accessibility barrier. Ellie’s school partnerships don’t stop with students. We offer wellness services and education for teachers, administrators, and other support staff, providing unique tools and resources to help those working with students.  Our services are onsite in schools during the school year and are also available during the summer. Services are billed through insurance. 

Schools must have a signed ROI (release of information) and provide the client’s insurance information on the online referral.

In-Home Therapy 

We have In-Home Therapy services available for when clients need us to come to them. We offer in-home talk therapy to meet the needs of individuals (adults, kids, and adolescents), families, and couples. Our therapists employ a variety of therapeutic approaches and off individualized care to support clients’ goals and to improve overall well-being. 

In-Home Therapy services are available to clients with:

  • A form of Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA) or Prepaid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP) for insurance
  • A demonstrated barrier to a more traditional mode of care 

These barriers include but are not limited to transportation, medical needs, or mental health symptoms, that make leaving the home for therapy difficult. In-Home services seek to challenge and overcome those obstacles, and provide high-quality care in the home, out in the community, or virtually.

Our In-Home Therapy providers currently service Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington Counties.

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