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The Therapist Thrival Guide

The Therapist Thrival Guide is a podcast from Ellie Mental Health. We want to take therapists from just surviving to thriving. This is everything you didn’t learn in graduate school! This podcast is hosted by Miranda Barker, LICSW and Dr. Lucas Volini, LMFT. We’ll have a different therapist guest for each episode to cover topics like burn-out, client retention, finding your niche, session structure, and balancing professional relationships.

Live Authentic Magazine

Ellie Mental Health is so excited to be launching “Live Authentic” Magazine! We plan for this magazine to be released every other month and to be a fun way to share some of the wisdom, research, and services offered by Ellie staff!

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When Therapists Watch TV

When Therapists Watch TV is a brand-new podcast from Ellie Mental Health where we react to and discuss today’s buzz-worthy TV shows. With the help of other mental health professionals, we’ll talk about how television tackles important topics such as mental health, relationships, addiction, grief and loss, parenting – all that good human stuff.

Out Loud with Erin Pash

Out Loud is a full-feature production hosted by therapist, founder, and CEO of Ellie Mental Health, Erin Pash. This show is an energized, day-time talk show for Gen-Zs and Millennials that brings mental health awareness, knowledge, and laughter to YouTube.

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