Using virtual reality (VR) we bring the outside world into the therapy space. With the use of VR we create an immersive environment to be used in therapy to bridge the gap between learning and practicing therapeutic interventions in an office and feeling like you are doing them in “the real world”. With traditional therapy it can be difficult (read: next to impossible) to give you the opportunity to try out what you are learning with the spaces or objects that are important to the work.

With VR we give you a space to work on issues in an environment that feels more real with your therapist at your side. We will teach you skills to help you handle challenging situations. You will learn how to manage your fight or flight responses and how to regulate your breathing, etc. VR allows us to have you stand on top of a building, speak in front of a crowded room, or be in an airport. We can create spaces like a restaurant, a calming beach, or a busy street. VR can bring in items such as animals, machines, or a packed highway. 

Through our time together we will use subjective measures to help you track your progress towards your goals. You’ll begin your journey at a level where you feel comfortable and together we will guide you through developing skills to step by step to gradually bring you to being able to challenge your fears.  

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