Overcome avoidance behaviors and anxieties through virtual reality exposure therapy. Take on the world – take back control!

Virtual Reality Therapy

Find a safe space to practice real life scenarios & skills with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Wondering if Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy could be right for you?

Virtual Reality transforms therapy from an “imagine if…” to an immersive experience. Your brain feels like you’ve faced your fear and accomplished your goal in the real world, without ever leaving the safety of the therapy office.

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Expand Your Options

Therapy can often be limited by what we’re able to physically accomplish within the four walls of an office. Virtual Reality allows us to transform the therapy space into any environment we need for your therapy to be most effective.

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Immersive Therapy

A lot of therapy uses “imagine if…” to play out real-life scenarios. Yet imagining what something would be like doesn’t have the same impact as actually experiencing it. Virtual Reality creates an immersive world that allows your brain to feel like you’re really there.

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Make Therapy Your Own 

Therapy works when it’s tailored to you, your lived experiences, and your specific needs. Virtual Reality gives us flexibility to ensure your therapy makes the biggest impact by designing environments and objects that will seem most realistic to you.

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Covered by Insurance 

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy uses the same therapy practices as would be used without Virtual Reality. For this reason, if your therapy is covered by your insurance, the addition of Virtual Reality is automatically covered too!

Mental health conditions we commonly treat 

Your life should be nothing short of amazing. We’re to help you heal. 

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions. If one or more of the below apply to you, talk to us about Virtual Reality. Have a different mental health condition? We still want to hear from you!


We can help you feel like yourself again and rediscover a passionate, fulfilling life. 


Regain control of your stress and stop the flood of thoughts that are holding you back.


Break free from unwanted thoughts and learn to resist repetitive behaviors.

Trauma & PTSD

Get support in healing from trauma and reducing symptoms that are disrupting your life.

ADHD & Focus

We can help you or your child regain focus, decrease impulsive behaviors, control impulses, and get things done.

Additional Symptoms 

Get treatment for psychosis, mania, schizophrenia, insomnia, personality disorders, autism, and more.

Our virtual reality therapy process

 Fill Out Our Form

Simply fill out our short referral form or give us a call to find the provider who best fits your needs. We can often get you scheduled within 2-4 weeks so you can start your healing fast.

Initial Assessment

One of our intake specialists will reach to you with a few questions to help determine if virtual reality therapy will be a good fit.

Get Matched

We will then connect you with the Virtual Reality therapist we think you’ll vibe with best, to schedule your first appointment! The ongoing process for your therapy will depend on what you’re looking to work on.

You deserve the most out of life.

Let Ellie guide you

“Virtual reality allows you to engage in your therapy in a way that otherwise would be impossible in a therapy office. It opens new possibilities for helping you transform what therapy looks and feels like.”

– LJ Taugher, Virtual Reality Therapy Program Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Have lots of questions about how virtual reality works and how it could impact your life? We’re here to guide you in making this decision! Check out our FAQs below. 

How is virtual reality therapy different than “normal” therapy?

Immersion! It’s all about your mind believing you did the thing. Much of therapy is based in “Imagine if you were to…” and this can be incredibly effective. The challenge is there’s a difference between doing something difficult in a therapist’s office and doing it “in the real world.” We use virtual reality to create an immersive therapy experience where your mind feels like you are practicing the skills you’ve learned in therapy in the real world, with real people, and real things. We focus on the parts of your mind that aren’t very good at telling the difference between virtual reality and real life.

How long will virtual reality therapy take?

The answer is…it depends. For treating specific fears, such as flying, it’s usually 6-12 sessions. For everything else the answer gets more complicated because each issue is unique and the therapy for it is tailored to what’s going on for you, what’s important to you, and what “better” looks/feels like to you. This is something we will talk about in one of your first sessions, which can give you a better idea of how long the process will be.

Is virtual reality therapy experimental? It seems very new.

Using virtual reality has been around for about 25 years. The Veterans Administration (VA) was one of the first to use virtual reality on a regular basis starting in the 1990s. The VA often uses exposure-based therapy for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) so they use virtual reality to allow their patients to feel like they are back in conflict areas without needing to transport the patient overseas. As technology has improved and the cost has dropped, more organizations are using virtual reality as part of therapy. Recently the American Psychological Association dedicated an entire research journal publication (Translational Issues in Psychology) to research supporting the use of virtual reality in therapy. Since the start of 2022 over 17,000 research studies/articles on the topic have been published.

How much does virtual reality therapy cost?

The therapies used as part of virtual reality therapy are based on the same therapies we would use without virtual reality. This means that if what you are looking for help for is covered by your insurance, and Ellie works with your insurance, your therapy will be covered by insurance. If you wish to pay out-of-pocket, please discuss options when you speak with a member of our team.

Can virtual reality exposure therapy make anxiety worse?

Assuming therapy is delivered well, and you are willing to do the work involved, there is very little chance of it making symptoms worse by the end of therapy. That said, as part of therapy we will guide you to do things that will make you feel very anxious as part of the process. For you to learn new ways of dealing with parts of life that are making you anxious we need you to learn new ways of approaching these things, to feel the anxiety, to use your new tools, and experience the triumph of how you were able to work through them.

Get more insights about your mental health 

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