EMDR Therapy

Discover eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy 

Heal from trauma and more with an EMDR therapist 

Unprocessed traumatic memories can cause certain stimuli to trigger an intense emotional and physical response as if you are experiencing the trauma all over again. EMDR therapy is a cutting-edge therapy technique that allows your brain to reprocess these painful memories by recalling the situation while an EMDR therapist guides you through a sequence of bilateral eye movements. 

What you can achieve with EMDR therapy  

What does moving your eyes side to side have to do with trauma?! EMDR might sound like a strange process, but there have been countless studies that have proven the effectiveness of EMDR in helping your brain resolve trauma. Here’s how an Ellie EMDR therapist can help you heal. 

  • Help minimize the impact of overwhelming trauma triggers.
  • Allow your brain to process traumatic memories as being in the past. 
  • Help you heal from PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and more. 
  • Process your trauma and become aware of how it affects your mind and body. 
  • Replace harmful thought patterns with healthy, positive beliefs. 
  • Find closure with your trauma and allow yourself to heal and move on. 
  • Understand the widespread effects of trauma in your life. 
  • Find validation in your trauma experience and the impact it has had on you. 

Ellie’s promise for your mental health care

Whether you’ve heard of EMDR before or are searching for an effective PTSD treatment, Ellie will help you explore your treatment options. Trauma can make every day an uphill battle. We want to see you make leaps and bounds in your treatment. EMDR can help you see a significant change in your life – often only after a couple of sessions.  We’re dedicated to supporting you on this journey. 

  • We find innovative solutions that work: Our team is always seeking out creative, effective ways to help you heal. EMDR is just one of the fancy treatments we have up our sleeves. We’re determined to help you live a life you love.  
  • Your care is 100% confidential: Trauma can be painful to remember and process. We understand that it takes a lot to disclose the most private, painful moments in your life. Your therapist is here for you and will never betray your trust.   
  • We value what makes you, you: Your trauma is 100% real – you are NOT overacting. How you respond to trauma is unique to you, and our goal is not to make you feel “wrong” for how you process it. Validation and acceptance are key for your healing.  
  • Your comfort matters to us: You can set the pace for your EMDR sessions. If at any moment your emotions are too much to bear or you need to slow down, your therapist will respect your needs.    
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