Family Therapy

Strengthen your whole family system 

Help your family work as a unit 

Family therapy is for everyone – kids, parents, siblings, grandparents, and weird aunts included. If one member of the family is struggling, everyone suffers. Ellie is here to help you through difficult family issues. Get matched with a therapist who is the right fit for your family. 

What you can achieve with family therapy 

Support and solidarity go a long way in helping families grow healthier and stronger together. While everyone has their own individual journey to walk, attending therapy as a family allows every member to tackle issues together and gain valuable skills that will help each member in every aspect of life. Here is how we can help your family grow. 

  • Work through family conflicts and disruptive behavior patterns. 
  • Get family support for mental illness, disability, or life-altering conditions. 
  • Address changes caused by divorce, separation, or a new marriage. 
  • Seek professional healing from a family loss or a traumatic event.  
  • Better connect with members of your family and improve communication. 
  • Learn how to set boundaries in family relationships and be your authentic self. 
  • Find a healthy balance between work, obligations, hobbies, and family. 
  • Set goals as a family and celebrate your successes together. 

Ellie’s promise for your mental health care

If family conflict is making your home a hostile, uncomfortable environment, a therapist can help. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and you’re not always going to see eye to eye with every member of your family. Whether your family needs help healing after a difficult change or you can’t seem to establish peace in your home, your Ellie family therapist is here to help. We’re dedicated to helping your family to grow closer and discover healing:

  • We find innovative solutions that work: Every family is unique. At Elle, we’re determined to find solutions that work for you and your family. We’re not afraid to think outside the box to help your family thrive. 
  • Your care is 100% confidential: While we think that going to therapy is something to be proud of, we would never betray your trust. Your therapist will never disclose confidential information during family therapy sessions. 
  • We value what makes you, you: We believe that every member of your family has something unique to bring to the table. Through therapy, we hope to make each individual feel valued, safe, and accepted for who they are.    
  • Your comfort matters to us: Working through family issues can be tough – especially if not everyone is thrilled about going to therapy. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure you and your family are at ease in one of our comfy therapy clinics.   
Ellie Mental Health therapy client making a funny face

If you’re freaking the
%#$@ out…

It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed. Come as you are
and find a therapist you can vibe with.