Therapy for Anxiety Disorders 

 Take control of your anxiety 

Get matched with an anxiety therapist 

When you live with an anxiety disorder, your thoughts may feel hectic, overwhelming, and out of control. Fear and stress may overtake your mind and make it difficult to live a peaceful, fulfilling life. And while you would love to simply “get over it” and stop worrying so much, at Ellie, we know it’s never that simple. Get matched with a therapist who can help you regain control and conquer your fears. 

Is anxiety keeping you from living your best life? 

How has anxiety kept you from living the life of your dreams? Has social anxiety kept you from trying new things or making friends? Do you waste hours of your day worrying over the what-ifs? Has a phobia shortened the list of activities or travel destinations your family can enjoy? 

To others, your anxiety might seem silly or trivial. But if you live with an anxiety disorder, your fears, worries, and feelings of dread can seem like an unconquerable mountain. While you’d love to live life unbounded by anxiety, facing your fears head-on and controlling the swirling thoughts inside your mind can seem next to impossible. Here are just a few of the ways anxiety can severely impact your life: 

  • Feeling worried about everything all the time 
  • Experiencing physical pain and muscle tension 
  • Having difficulties sleeping, eating, and concentrating 
  • Experiencing frequent panic attacks, often without warning 
  • Avoiding certain places, activities, people, animals, or situations 
  • Feeling excessively flustered or self-conscious around others 
  • Having frequent nightmares, flashbacks, or intrusive memories
  • Feeling irritable, restless, moody, or always on edge 

The goals of anxiety therapy 

Everyone feels anxious from time to time – and for a good reason. If not, how else would you know it’s not a good idea to pet wild bears or run out in front of a car? However, when anxiety consumes many of your thoughts and limits your potential, your mental health begins to suffer. And you might have great reason to be anxious. Maybe you experienced a traumatic event in the past or were exposed to something scary as a kid. We want to help you gain control of your anxiety so you can live life on your own terms – unruled by fear and unconsumed by worry. Your Ellie therapist will help you: 

  • List the people, places, and things that make you anxious, and begin to understand why you feel that way. 
  • Help you expose yourself to your fears and phobias in a slow, controlled manner that you’re comfortable with. 
  • Understand how anxiety is impacting your relationships, work life, mental health, physical health, and overall life satisfaction. 
  • Identify your goals that anxiety is getting in the way of and make actionable steps toward achieving those goals. 
  • Working through negative thought patterns and coping mechanisms and helping you gain control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Let’s work through anxiety together

Managing anxiety can be a challenge, but by working with a therapist who understands your unique history, thought patterns, and goals, you can begin to see a change for the better. Who says you can’t travel to a rainforest even if you’re deathly afraid of spiders? Your Ellie therapist is here to find creative, effective solutions to overcome anxiety and take control of your life. (P.S. If social anxiety makes getting therapy hard, we’re to walk you through every step of the way. We offer online therapy if that’s what is most comfortable for you!) 

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