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Child hugging her mom from behind and the mom turning her head and smiling at her

What To Expect When Your Kid Starts Therapy

I have worked with children as a therapist for years and I am consistently impressed by the parents I have worked with. The amount of love, adoration, and respect they have for …

Woman sitting in bed smiling while reading a book

Understanding Sleep and Mental Health

Impact of Sleep on Mental Health We know that there is a close relationship between sleep and mental wellbeing. Poor sleep not only affects your mental health, but your mental …

Woman leaning against the front of a couch smiling

The Science of Change, Mental Health, and Meds

Change is an inevitable and constant force in our lives. Whether it's a career move, a relationship shift, or a personal transformation, whether we deem the change as positive or …

woman standing in an office surrounded by other people

How to Talk About Mental Health at Work

Everyone has mental health, and whether or not you have a mental health disorder, everyone has bad mental health days. So, what do you do when your mental health is getting in the …