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Welcome to our Ellie Mental Health Scottsdale office! Ellie is all about living authentically as our true selves. Our vision is to create a space that is warm and welcoming, like dropping by your best friend’s house to talk! At Ellie, our team of therapists offer unique services to our clients including the treatment of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, among many more.

We are allied with the LGBTQ+ community as well as survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We have an incredible group of therapists at our clinic who offer a variety of treatment options (CBT, CBT, motivational interviewing, EMDR, art therapy, and play therapy to name a few!) We strive to help our clients find balance in their lives and be able to celebrate their uniqueness.

Call our Client Access Team (or our CAT’s as we love to call them!) to ask about the specific therapies we offer here!

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8700 East Via de VenturaSuite 280Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Located between Hayden Blvd and Hwy 101. The office is located on the North side of the road just past the post office. Parking is behind the building. The office is located near the popular Zipps, Grassroots Kitchen and Butters restaurants and retail complex at Via De Ventura and Hayden Blvd. Hayden Blvd has public bus services. Four major access roads Hwy 101, Pima, Hayden, and Scottsdale Rd.

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Are you tired of breaking up with therapists? Finding a therapist you vibe with is so important – in fact, most people who don’t connect with their therapist from the get- go don’t go back. And the better your relationship with your therapist, the more likely you are to improve in therapy.

That’s why take the time to do it right! Our internal CATs (Client Access Team) have a fool- proof matching tool to match you with the purrrrrrfect fit. You can call them right meow.

When you call our pawsitively awesome Client Access Team, we go much deeper than “what’s your birthday and insurance policy.” By the time you hang up the phone and have your first appointment scheduled, you know the therapist you’re going to see is the right match for your unique personality and individual journey.

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Rachael Miles headshot

Rachael Miles, LMFT

Clinic Director

Crafty Clinician

Meet our clinical director, Rachael. Rachael is an LMFT with over 9 years experience in the mental health field. She believes that the most important part of the therapy process is building a trusting relationship with her clients. Her goal is to help her clients feel safe and comfortable opening up about areas of life that can be difficult to talk about.


Find your very own professional secret keeper.

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Lenox Fontaine



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All of our therapists are A GREAT CHOICE - but you can't pick them all!