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Ellie Mental Health is excited to bring a creative and innovative way to provide mental health services to San Antonio. Ellie is a community-based organization with a focus on bridging the gap in mental health services. Our staff embraces authenticity, humor, compassion, creativity, and most importantly acceptance. We are humans helping humans access quality care for the struggles we have all experienced at one point in our lives. We strive to provide a comfortable environment for everyone to connect and grow with their clinician. At Ellie-San Antonio, our staff provides counseling and other mental health services as needed for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Our mission is to end the stigma associated with receiving guidance for mental illness. There is no shame, only hope for a healthier San Antonio. Join us at Ellie-San Antonio and begin your journey towards a better future with a team by your side.

We are currently accepting cash pay clients only.

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8207 Callaghan Rd, Suite 350San Antonio, TX, 78230

Located in the Greatview Office Building, 2 blocks from I-10 on Callaghan Rd.

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Are you tired of breaking up with therapists? Finding a therapist you vibe with is so important – in fact, most people who don’t connect with their therapist from the get- go don’t go back. And the better your relationship with your therapist, the more likely you are to improve in therapy.

That’s why take the time to do it right! Our internal CATs (Client Access Team) have a fool- proof matching tool to match you with the purrrrrrfect fit. You can call them right meow.

When you call our pawsitively awesome Client Access Team, we go much deeper than “what’s your birthday and insurance policy.” By the time you hang up the phone and have your first appointment scheduled, you know the therapist you’re going to see is the right match for your unique personality and individual journey.

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Gloria Mendez headshot

Gloria Mendez, MS, LPC-S, CGP, CCTP-II

Director of Clinical Operations

The Clever, Caffeinated Counselor

Meet our caffeinated counselor, Gloria. She received her BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University and MS in Counseling Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University. Her 25 year career began with little humans in crisis and has grown to providing counseling to all ages and genders with a variety of issues. Today, Gloria focuses on the Adolescent and Adult populations with an emphasis on Grief, Trauma, Relationships, and Life Transitions. She draws from her trainings as a Certified Grief Informed Professional, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II, and NeuroLinguistic Practitioner to provide creative therapeutic options.

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All of our therapists are A GREAT CHOICE - but you can't pick them all!