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Transforming the Culture of Mental Health

Ellie’s way of providing therapy is different – We provide a warm and comforting “at home” feeling at a therapist’s office which really makes Ellie stand out and allows patients to “open up” in a way that they may not have before. We want to bring that to Utah and ensure the community knows that if there is a need to talk to someone, the best place to do that is at an Ellie. We want to be part of helping children grow and teach them to learn to handle the trials and challenges they face in their lives so that they can become well-adjusted adults that contribute positively to society. We want to help new parents that might feel overwhelmed and know that they aren’t alone. And we want to help our patients navigate through marriage and family issues as a family (whatever that looks like in their lives), strengthening the fabric of our society.

We encourage our providers to show up as their “authentic-selves”, and believe that creativity and humor are both amazing tools for navigating life’s obstacles, transitions, and challenges. Our providers customize the care they provide based on you or your family’s needs. To learn more about the team here at Lehi and their specialties, check out their bios below!

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3051 West Maple Loop DriveSuite 300Lehi, UT, 84043

Coming off of I-15, take the Thanksgiving Point exit (Exit 284) and head West. Continue straight until you hit Maple Loop Drive and turn right. It will be the first building on your right.

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Are you tired of breaking up with therapists? Finding a therapist you vibe with is so important – in fact, most people who don’t connect with their therapist from the get- go don’t go back. And the better your relationship with your therapist, the more likely you are to improve in therapy.

That’s why take the time to do it right! Our internal CATs (Client Access Team) have a fool- proof matching tool to match you with the purrrrrrfect fit. You can call them right meow.

When you call our pawsitively awesome Client Access Team, we go much deeper than “what’s your birthday and insurance policy.” By the time you hang up the phone and have your first appointment scheduled, you know the therapist you’re going to see is the right match for your unique personality and individual journey.

Ellie Mental Health therapist


Jeffrey Yee headshot

Jeffrey Yee, CMHC


Earnest Owl

Jeff has experience working with women with substance abuse issues and helped with reunification of children. He has also worked in residential treatment settings for adults and adolescents dealing with various mental illnesses, and adult probation and parole investigation allegations of abuse and neglect.


Find your very own professional secret keeper.

Jenny Elizabeth headshot

Jenny Elizabeth



Creative Soul

We Know! It's HARD to Pick!

All of our therapists are A GREAT CHOICE - but you can't pick them all!