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Kyle Ross

Why & How Kyle Ross of Intero Psychedelic Therapy Is Helping To Champion Mental Wellness

Kyle Ross is a passionate psychotherapist, educator, and advocate for mental health. He has been part of Intero Psychedelic Therapy as a Senior Director since its founding. He has focused his career on bringing innovative and creative ways to increase access to mental health services, especially for those who struggle with complex mental health issues. Over the past five years he has focused his clinical practice Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy.

Ellie Express

Ellie Express: New Short-Term Therapeutic Program for Individuals

By Ellie Mental Health Staff

Ellie Express is an eight-week therapy program designed for highly motivated individuals who want a short-term investment for long-term results. The program was built for folks who are struggling with a new onset of daily stress, anxiety, or depression, even though they may have never experienced those feelings before. Sometimes, those emotions are triggered by a recent life stressor like changing