Tracy Lanier, LCSW

Clinic Director

I believe that people are always trying to grow, that this never stops no matter what your age or situation in life. Sometimes feeling sad, unsatisfied, or anxious and overwhelmed, is a clue that you may need an objective point of view. Speaking to someone kind with a neutral ear to hear you. I can be of assistance. I offer relationship based psychotherapy and have trained in Solution Focused Therapy as well as Narrative Therapy. I have experience with Illness Adjustment, Depression, Anxiety, Childhood Trauma, in addition to Identity Issues. Feel free to contact me with questions.

I have been a social worker since 1994. During this time, I have provided people with counseling on a daily basis. I have worked closely with people who have a diagnosis of a major mental illness. I am also experienced in counseling family members and loved ones of people with a MMI. I graduated from Loyola with my MSW in 2006 and have now started to accept clients for counseling. Since my graduation I have worked in the hospital realm, and have experience with assisting people with adjusting to a new diagnosis of a chronic illness.