Tina Flowers, LICSW


Tina is a clinically licensed social worker, specializing in teen mental health and wellness. As a clinical social worker, Tina is adept in connecting clients and families to community resources and supports. She has a passion for working with teens as well as a passion for yoga, animals, and nature. Tina is a certified yoga instructor and taught for many years at Lifetime Fitness and Corepower Yoga. Tina continues to practice yoga regularly to maintain her own mental wellness and balance in life. Outside of work, Tina is the mother of two girls and fosters puppies in her free time.

Tina uses several approaches when working with her clients.  She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, strengths-based approach, mindfulness, mediation, and self-care practices to promote health and healing with her clients.  Tina likes thinking outside of the box, meeting the client where they’re at, and moving forward together from there.

Tina works with teens & young adults ages 12-22.