Timothy Patton, LCSW

Clinic Manager, Therapist

Timothy is so glad you’re here. Thank you for letting him walk with you through your journey. He received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Middle Tennessee University and a Master’s of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Tennessee. He has loved learning so much about people and our experiences in life, and look forward to learning about your experiences. He believes in the importance of self-care, hobbies, and passions. He tries his hand at gardening despite the universe’s own plans, and loves to go on new adventures on his One Wheel (look it up). He enjoys tending to the incessant needs of his dog Esme, and loves spending time kayaking. All in all, if it’s outside, it’s got Timothy’s name on it. One of the things that he loves the most about working in mental health is coming to each person as a blank canvas. He has no preconceptions and enjoys learning about you as your own person! He looks forward to learning about your story and bringing the support and humor into our space.