Susan L. Ivancie, MA, CLC


Susan is a Professional Psychotherapist with extensive experience working with individuals & couples for 15 years. She is a sought after therapist due to her real approach, rewarding results as well as substantial healing and growth to those she has the honor of coming alongside in counseling.

The areas she shines in working with people are: self esteem & worth, relationship issues of work & home, depression, anxiety, increasing one’s motivation & momentum in life, unresolved hurt & shame, couples & marriage/partners, grief & loss of people & pets, life/work balance, eating disorders, work & leadership issues for executives & non-profit leaders, burnout of both job & life, conflict resolution, career & retirement transition, guidance on decision making & goal setting toward a healthy road map for life.

Susan’s clinical approach is client centered & direct while utilizing an integrated cognitive, behavioral & mind set approach. She tailors each session to the individual or couple/partners life & all aspects involved with compassion, challenge & affirmation. Her goal in partnering with those she counsels is to bring healing, awareness & growth so that each individual can reach their full purpose, potential & passions while removing whatever is holding them back from achieving the life they deserve.