Shadow Love-Erckert, LMLP


Shadow has a masters in Clinical Psychology and is board certified as a Licensed Master Level Psychologist in the state of Kansas; with certification in Crisis prevention, suicide intervention, and counseling on access to lethal means. She takes a strong person centered approach with a combination of self-compassion and intentional action to reflect on your decision-making and inspire growth and change in your day-to-day lives and relationships. She has experience treating a range of conditions including Depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, personality disorders, and trauma. She has experience with Cognitive behavior therapy, Acceptance commitment therapy, Person centered therapy, Dialectic behavioral therapy and Motivational Interviewing. There is no one size fits all therapy approach and these skills will be used to create an approach that best suits your needs. She views therapy as a collaborative environment where you will work together to find choices, changes and interventions to offer support and improve your quality of life.