Scott Ramsdell, MA

Protector Overwatch Outreach Coordinator/Therapist

Some days are hard. At the end of these types of days, it seems like the sh** just does not scrape off your boots. Call after call, day after day, year after year, the sh** builds up until its hardened. I am not talking actual sh. I am talking metaphorical sh. I am talking about the thoughts, images, experiences, and memories that you carry.
When it gets to be too much, it is normal for people’s personal lives to take a hit. It is in these darker times when clients begin their search for the light. It is my passion to help those who help others, and I have a ton of experience in doing so. My clients are from the law enforcement, first responder and veteran communities. This includes the operators as well as those that support them. I work with adults, adolescents, couples, and families.

I understand that no single approach is right for everyone, so I custom-tailor treatments to the client. I am a strengths-based therapist who looks to help my clients identify and leverage their own strengths. I come from a wellness-based background and am extremely familiar with how the body struggles to maintain strength during times of high stress and how it slowly breaks down over time. I am different from most therapists due the integrated approach that I take in creating a truly customized plan to help my clients get the results that they deserve.
Your job is hard. You run towards things that others run from. You experience things that most do not understand. You are a warrior. You are strong. You are supported. It is time to scrape that sh** off your boots.