Sarah Lazaretti

Onboarding Specialist

Sarah is a compassionate, open book, “elder” millennial that uses humor and sarcasm on good and bad days (because we all have both!). She’s compassionate about helping others in any way that she can. Sarah approaches work with the mindset that efficiency, understanding, continuous improvement, and balance between work & life will always result in great outcomes.

Her previous experiences include working behind the scenes in the Healthcare industry for 15+ years, ranging from call center customer service, Leadership positions, Contracting and provider relations, and most recently, helping clients seeking treatment with financial burdens.

Outside of work, Sarah can be found out in Nature or snuggling up at home with her best companion, Poppy—a dog that changed her life. Continuously finding herself through art, music, and connections with others is one of her favorite things in life, alongside cooking, yoga, and spending time with her family.