Sara Mennen, MS, LMFT

Clinic Director, Therapist

Sara is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked in the human service field for 20+ years. She has had the good fortune of working with individuals across the life span with diverse backgrounds in numerous settings including outpatient service, group homes, in-home services, school settings, detox, county jails, crisis facilities, and residential. Sara most enjoys working with complex family systems that include multifaceted components such as trauma/abuse or involvement with the legal system. As a therapist Sara views herself as a facilitator in helping people identify their inner strengths and supporting them in developing healthy choices/actions. She is a firm believer that people are more resilient than they often give themselves credit for. Sara encouraged her clients to be aware of their thoughts, emotions and actions through mindfulness and fully participate in life. This may mean making changes that are small or large, but most of all being able to identify them and taking the first step.
Outside of work Sara enjoys spending time with her family and dog, attending local events, taking lots and lots of pictures (it’s proof that you lived!) and learning more about various new age concepts/activities.