Renata Nosek, RMHCI


I attended City College of New York where I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. I started working with dual diagnosis of Substance Abuse and Mental Health as a part of the training for my degree. I worked with grief, anxiety and depression while offering counseling during the pandemic. After moving to Florida, I provided counseling with a commitment to educate patients on Mind-Body connection. In my own self-care I utilize yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

My therapeutic style is empowering, intuitive and Client-Centered. While providing a safe, nonjudgmental space I listen to understand. My intention is to get to know you and to guide you on the path to achieve your goals, through discovering your authentic self, feelings, needs and patterns of behavior that might keep you stuck in your current circumstances. I look for your strengths and follow with introducing tools and skills needed to create meaningful connections, including the one with yourself, your body and parts of you that need to be seen, accepted and integrated.

During hard times it can feel like the past controls or determines our daily choices, leading to constant struggle. I believe your roadblocks are really building blocks towards achieving the feeling of belonging, self-trust and creating a home within, where all parts of you are welcomed as they guide and inform your decisions, utilizing wisdom you gathered through your life experiences. My approach is integrative, tailored to each patient.