Rebekah Raiford, LCSW


Seeking Counseling services can take quite a bit of courage. Bekah is a therapist that is well aware of the gamut of emotions and respectful of the life experiences that brings us to the place of wanting extra support. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she has extensive experience working in the Mental & Behavioral Health field. From supporting individuals, families and conducting groups of all ages, from 4 yrs old to 94. When choosing Bekah as your therapist, you will have an individual on your side, utilizing her passion that has grown from her experience while working both inpatient and outpatient settings. Accessing her trainings in the most evidenced based models of therapy, proven to be effective including the well-known CBT, EMDR, DBT and Attachment Based Family Therapy and many others. When you choose Bekah as your therapist, you will not only learn what those acronyms stand for, but how to apply the outlined skills in those models effectively. Leading you to feeling more empowered and confident in your everyday life.

After earning her master’s in social work at UT Arlington here in Texas 2007, she followed her passion to obtain clinical licensure. While using her own experience of finding work life balance and raising her 2 teenagers while mixing in her love for gardening and fishing to even things out. Bekah’s goal for providing therapeutic services is to give you a safe and comforting space to be honest with life’s challenges. As well as to explore the different paths available on this journey to healing and feeling pride in your ability to handle those challenges successfully.