Piyush Das, Board Certified Psychiatrist


Dr. Das is a psychiatrist with extensive experience helping patients navigate their mental health needs. He received his medical degree from Delhi University in India. Subsequently, he completed his residency in General Adult Psychiatry at Mayo, followed by clinical fellowship in Sleep Medicine. He is double board certified in General Adult Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine, and he has over 15 years of experience treating patients in inpatient and outpatient clinical settings.

Dr. Das offers care for individuals who are experiencing both mental health and sleep issues. His practice values stem from compassion and empathy. He also believes in collaborative care and the benefit of treating with novel interventional modalities like ketamine and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Dr. Das is also certified in Integrative Psychiatry as well as a certified Ketamine Medical Provider. Soon, he will support clients with IV Ketamine. Dr. Das works collaboratively with clinicians to ensure positive, holistic results for his patients. Dr. Das speaks Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.