Nika Khadem, BS

School Based Mental Health Practitioner

Nika is a community-based skills worker who values both empathy and humor when it comes to working with clients. Passionate about providing a warm and welcoming space wherein a collaborative therapeutic relationship can be established, Nika employs a person-centered approach to therapy, focusing care on the needs of the client.

Nika believes that no individual is fully formed, rather each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. As such, Nika strives to help clients realize their potential, and experience growth and success.

Prior to joining Ellie, Nika spent several years working with children of varying backgrounds in clinical, daycare, and school-based settings. Most recently, Nika worked at an autism clinic providing ABA therapy to children diagnosed with ASD.

Nika is currently pursuing LPCC licensure alongside a Master’s degree in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health through the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development.

Outside of work, Nika can be found trying out different places to eat, re-watching her favorite comfort shows, and spending time outdoors with her two dogs, Bux and Teddy.