Nicolas Sheridan, MA, LPC, NCC


Have you ever felt that the issues that you are struggling with need more than just the right coping skills? Do you struggle with feeling like you should be doing, thinking, or feeling better? How many times have you felt misunderstood by others, maybe even yourself, or have a hard time explaining why you feel, think, or behave the way you do? If you can relate to feeling these ways, I want you to know that many others do. It’s completely normal to have parts of yourself that you are unaware of. Within my years of experience as a therapist, I have walked alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with their unique narratives waiting to be expressed. Mental health issues can be deeply rooted in our unconscious, and we often aren’t aware of what role they play in dictating our emotions, thoughts, or behaviors in our everyday lives. Therapy is not simply managing symptoms, but investigating your life story and making sense of you. For this reason, I invite you, the expert of your life story, in the driver seat, where we can collaboratively explore who you are in an environment free of judgment. I believe in people being experienced, not managed. For this reason, I tend to utilize techniques that allow for open and free processing to create a coherent and complete picture of who you are. I have an eclectic approach, drawing from many therapeutic disciplines. This will allow us to become most aware of you in all your complexities, and focusing on a path towards healing that feels right for you, without being tied down to any single therapeutic model.