Nic Brave, MBA, MS, LPCC

Franchise Support Specialist

Nic is a flexible, understanding, straightforward, counselor and leader. He stresses the importance of relationships and communication. Nic is a persistently curious individual who loves to hear the stories and desires of others. In doing so, he seeks to help others better understand themselves and find practical ways to improve their relationships, interactions, and overall functioning.

Nic uses this same approach in his efforts to expand the utilization of mental health treatment within the broader community. He feels that taking care of one’s mental health is just as important as one regular check-up at the doctor. He hopes to continue to decrease the stigma of mental health services and expand them into the fabric of everyday life.

Outside of work, Nic enjoys spending time with friends. He really enjoys music, home projects, the outdoors, golf, and cooking. Nic also admittedly spends a bit too much time on movies, television, and video games.