Neal Petersen, LPCC, RPT

Clincial Operations Director (Greater MN)

The first thing clients can expect from me is for me to be 100% invested in them whenever they walk into my office. The second thing would be a treatment plan that is custom tailored to them and what they need. The last thing they can expect is that I will walk with them on this journey, sometimes as a source of support offering tools and other times offering a different perspective that could help them to gain insight. My therapeutic perspective is primarily Adlerian. I prefer this theory for a couple reasons. First, I like the way Adlerian theory conceptualizes clients, accounting for many aspects of a person’s lifestyle. Second I like the flexibility of Adlerian theory and how it allows for pulling in tools from other perspectives should they be useful.

The most ideal client for me is one that is motivated and wants to make a change. The therapeutic process is about me and the client going on a journey together. While I can provide insight and tools it is ultimately the client’s efforts that make all the difference. My specialties and interests include, play therapy, sand tray, love and logic, parenting, geek therapy, serious Lego, group therapy through table top rpgs, using the language of video games in therapy, and using tabletop games in therapy.