Nathaniel Shields, MA, LPCC, ATR

Art Therapist

Nate is a therapist who values authenticity, and brings warmth, humor, honesty and respect to the therapeutic relationship, helping clients navigate life struggles.   Nate views the client as the expert on their life and treatment. Clients can expect to be active in collaboration, creating a safe space to explore difficult topics and make meaningful change.

Nate’s approach draws inspiration from many outlooks, but is rooted in Cognitive BehavioralTherapy, which emphasizes the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and actions. Nate utilizes this outlook to work in tandem with clients to identify areas for change, challenging negative core beliefs, thinking patterns, and behaviors. Nate also incorporates aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help identify, validate, and manage difficult emotions, increase interpersonal effectiveness, and utilize Mindfulness skills. Nate has experience/training in Exposure Response Prevention, Behavioral Activation, Mindfulness skills, and Collaborative Problem Solving, to help clients address challenges, and live their best lives.

Nate specializes in Art Therapy, utilizing metaphor and symbolism to help clients develop a deeper understanding of their own experience, and help empower themselves to make positive change. Utilizing art materials, regardless of ability, can help gain insight when words sometimes don’t do the trick.