Naomi Hemingway, LGSW, MSW


Naomi is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker and specializes in individual, child, and family therapy at Ellie Mental Health.

Naomi provides a therapy lens which embraces family, education, adverse life experiences, and evidence-research based modalities designed to fit to your personalized needs. Naomi empowers genuine compassion, humility, humor, creativity & imagination as main ingredients in the therapy office. As a therapist, Naomi enjoys using toys as tools to support children and families in expressing and processing emotions and behaviors. Naomi views all experiences in therapy as unique opportunities to challenge and instill bravery in others and herself.

Naomi enjoys to make wishes at 11:11, chillax on the couch with squishmallows, and jam out to tunes while cooking. Often influenced through cartoons, Naomi’s favorite quote “just keep swimming” is inspired from Finding Nemo.

Naomi has been trained and certified in the following: Emergency Medical; CPR; Diversity and Inclusion; Cultural Humility; Mandated Reporter; Gender Based and Domestic Violence; Trauma Informed Care Trained Before, During, & After Critical Incidents: Developing Resilience in Victims & Responders; Trauma and Attachment in Children and Families: Play, Art and CBT to Reduce Symptomology and Repair Connection; Psychopharmacology of Trauma for Mental Health & Healthcare Professionals.