Lynsey Stemig, MA, LPCC


Lynsey believes in utilizing each individual’s passions, abilities, and strengths to build intrinsic motivation and guide clients into thriving in their daily life.  Lynsey values the power of the therapeutic experience (and what it can create) for an individual and is enthusiastic to be a part of the journey with her clients. Due to this approach, Lynsey is able to meet each client where they are currently at and focus within a person-centered approach.

Lynsey identifies as an Adlerian therapist and utilizes concepts such as holism, lifestyle, and social interest/embeddedness.  She also approaches therapy by understanding the unique beliefs and strategies that each individual creates throughout their childhood and how these beliefs serve as the individual’s schema for attitudes, behavior, and one’s evaluation of self, others, and the external world. Lynsey believes that looking through such a biopsychosocial lens, individuals can thrive and begin to develop an established sense of belonging. Also, when led by client, spirituality is also an area of interest to incorporate.

Lynsey has experience working with adults and adolescents experiencing trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and mood disorders.  Lynsey also has extensive experience working with clients and caregivers of medical and developmental complexities.