Lynette VanHyfte, LSW

Outpatient Therapist

As a licensed social worker, Lynette takes a holistic look at your situation to identify stressors inside and outside of your home. Lynette is known as being empathetic, open, and supportive. She truly cares about people who are struggling and wants to get to know you, learn about what you need, and identify solutions that work for you. Lynette has decades of experience helping people through times of crisis. Lynette obtained her master’s in social work from Indiana University with a focus on mental health and addictions. Lynette will tailor your sessions to whatever type of evidence-based therapy works best for you. Sometimes, you may not want to talk about your past and instead focus on the future, and that is okay. Lynette will empower you with some tools that make life easier, help you make tough decisions, and move forward through the muck to better, brighter days. Come meet “L” at Ellie and let’s talk about that elephant in the room!