London Orr-Thompson, LCMFT, LMAC


London is experienced in working with families, couples, and individuals. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Addiction Counselor who primarily works with both individuals and couples. London has worked in the mental health field since 2017 providing compassionate care to clients in diverse environments such as adolescent psychiatric facilities, community mental health centers, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities, and private practice. London has a compassionate approach and works to create a space where all her clients feel safe to grow and challenge themselves. London commonly works with couples and individuals who are experiencing conflict and loss of connection in their interpersonal relationships, anxiety, family conflict, trauma, shame, and depression. London operates from a systems perspective and works to improve the functioning of relationships with others in order to improve the satisfaction of our lives. London understands that life is full of highs, many joyous moments, and also with moments of great suffering. Moments when our lives feel lonely, our relationships lack fulfillment, and we feel that we’ve lost our passion. She is committed to walk beside you through difficult life transitions, losses, failures, relational conflicts, successes, and growth.