Liz Bechel, MA, ATR, LPCC


Liz is a passionate therapist who loves to explore new modalities and techniques in order to meet the unique wants and needs of their clients. She/They have over 5 years of experience working with widely diverse populations ranging from long-term incarcerated individuals to individuals simply wanting to explore and learn more about themselves. Liz has a passion for incorporating Art Therapy into their practice while also understanding that art may not be for everyone and working with every individual to find what modality works best for them. She/They also have a habit of bringing their goofy sense of humor and quick wit to all therapy sessions to help build therapeutic relationships while recognizing that starting a therapy journey may be scary or uncomfortable for some.

When not at work, Liz loves to spend time in her/their studio throwing paint around, reading research articles, and listening/watching true crime podcasts. She/They also enjoy spending time with her/their family outdoors, fishing, hiking, and trying to walk both dogs at the same time (which doesn’t work because one is a lazy potato, and the other is an energy filled ball of excitement).