Lisa Tomala, MS/LPC-R


Lisa is a Virginia Resident in Counseling and a National Certified Counselor. Prior to joining Ellie Mental Health, Lisa worked with active-duty service members experiencing PTSD, clients suffering with depression and anxiety, and substance abuse. Lisa’s focus is on Grief, helping clients adapt to loss. As someone who has personally worked through her own grief, Lisa can truly empathize with clients struggling with grief.

Lisa utilizes an eclectic approach, incorporating Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Solution-Focused treatment modalities to help clients live their best lives. Lisa enjoys finding the root causes of behavior, which can usually be found in our early experiences. Sometimes our circuits simply need a bit of rewiring to help us view the world, events, and ourselves a bit better. That’s why Lisa is passionate about psychodynamic and CBT approaches. Lisa will move at your pace, focusing on current symptoms and shifting from existing to thriving. She will walk with you as you create new meaning for a healthy, authentic new life.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys painting and exploring Shenandoah National Park with her fiancé and four-legged friend. And…her favorite season is Winter, so you might see her sledding down a mountain near you!