Laura Apkarian Anderson, MA, LPCC

DBT Therapist

Laura’s primary concern as a therapist is to help clients reduce symptoms and increase stability so they can develop a strong sense of their own values and move toward fulfilling life goals that will help them increase joy and fulfillment. Laura has been a DBT therapist for over 10 years, and what that means is that she is non-judgmental in her approach and that treatment with her includes learning and applying mindfulness and other skills to create health and empowerment. Laura practices mindful breath observation and enjoys extending to any interested clients the effectiveness of breathwork to increase a sense of tranquility and calm regardless of difficult inner and outer circumstances. Laura is interested in understanding the thought processes each client brings to sessions (that increase and decrease healthfulness) as a means of getting to the root of the problem. Laura is a student of yoga, the Christian scriptures, Buddhism, and A Course In Miracles. She is innately curious and enjoys assisting people in integrating experiences from the spiritual to the psychedelic and everything in between. Laura loves being in nature, especially hiking and kayaking on the Great Lakes and the ocean.