LaShelle London, MBA, Real Estate & Marketing

Vice President of Real Estate, Design, and Consultation

LaShelle has worked in real estate development for over 30 years. Her experience has been mostly in retail and restaurant development with national brands Taco Bell, Shell Oil, Dunkin’ Brands and Papa Johns, to name a few. She is thrilled and excited to be able to spend her time and apply her talents to the important work of mental health.

LaShelle’s approach to working with Franchisees is to meet them where they are. Throughout her career, she has worked with numerous Franchisees and appreciates that each one is unique. She looks forward to meeting and supporting the Franchisees of Ellie Mental Health.

Outside of work, LaShelle enjoys traveling with her husband and hanging out with their young adult children. She also has two degrees from the University of Michigan and is a huge Wolverine football fan.