Kendra Porter, MA, LPCC

Child Focused Therapist

Kendra is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She understands how crucial it is to feel comfortable with your therapist, and so she prioritizes building an authentic connection as a primary foundation in therapy.
She holds a space for what makes each client unique and encourages her clients to show up as they are! Because of this, she utilizes elements of Multicultural Counseling as she recognizes the importance of intersecting identities in the therapeutic experience.
She encourages clients to gain greater insight and understanding of themselves through becoming more in tune with their own thoughts and emotions while also learning healthier skills and strategies to use in their day to day lives.

When she is not at work, Kendra enjoys being outside, spending time with her two dogs, working on a DIY project, tending to her many house plants, or hanging out with her loved ones.