Kendra Konrady, LCSW


Kendra is a licensed clinical social worker who uses a collaborative approach with clients to create meaningful goals for improve mental wellness. She believes, with a road map, you can find your unique solutions for change. You will be in the driver seat with Kendra by your side as you work toward improved self-confidence and resiliency. Even if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure what you hope to gain from therapy, that’s okay, as Kendra will help you figure it out along the way.

Kendra also has expertise providing support to people who have a loved one struggling with severe mental illness and addiction. For over 7 years, Kendra has worked at a psychiatric hospital with hundreds of patients and their families. Through this experience she has learned the challenges people face when trying to help a loved one who is resistant to change. Kendra is passionate about helping families process and manage feelings that often accompany the experience such as shame, grief, regret, self-blame, depression, and anxiety