Katy Jessen, M.S., LPCC

Clinic Director

Katy is a passionate clinician who strives to help clients achieve their greatest potential.  She believes the therapeutic relationship is the core to therapeutic success.  Katy will meet you where you are at and help you achieve any therapeutic goal you set.  She operates from a solution-focused, person-centered, CBT framework, all the while considering the impact trauma, no matter how small or large, might have had on those she works with. As your therapist, Katy will help you develop insight and consider whatever brings you into therapy with a new perspective.  Again, building the therapeutic relationship is key for Katy, and she will believe in you and gently push you when you don’t believe in yourself.  One of her greatest joys is helping others build insight and discover their inner strength.  Katy works with both kids and adults, anyone from age 6 and up.  Her experience prior to Ellie includes an extensive history of in-home therapy services in a rural county. Outside work, Katy likes spending time with her family, especially her 1 year old daughter.  Her favorite music is anything by Taylor Swift, and she remains a Disney girl at heart, traveling to Disney World as often as possible.