Jordan Geissinger-Carver, BGS

Client Access Specialist

Jordan is an energetic and compassionate person who makes everyone feel extra special when they have his attention. They are extremely empathetic and knows that truly being listened to is a wonderful feeling. This makes him well suited to provide each and every person with the information they need, and the care they deserve.

They’ve spent lots of time having deep emotional talks with all sorts of people, providing them a lot of social insight for a young adult. Jordan also understands that we all have complex needs, truly recognizing that working on one’s mental health isn’t an easy process. He wants everyone to know that he’s proud of them for taking one step at a time, and he’s honored to be there along the way.

Jordan is a social butterfly so interacting with others is needed to keep his flutter strong. Plus, he gets quite bored laughing at his own jokes after a while.. His cats never seem to care for the punch line but at least they pay attention. He’s a massive goof and likes to keep the mood around him feeling light. Life is heavy, so creating that space for others is very dear to him.