Jessica McLymont, LMHC

Clinic Director

Jessica is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for providing clients a safe space to explore life’s obstacles, trauma, or just everyday stressors. Jessica aims to reduce the stigma attached to reaching out for mental health support and wants clients to know they do not have to suffer in silence. With over 8 years of experience working with adults impacted by depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationship conflict, and difficult life transitions, Jessica utilizes a combination of client-centered therapeutic approaches in collaboration with you, to help discover the best version of yourself. Jessica believes that transparency, authenticity, and humor from both the client and the therapist are essential to fostering a trusting therapeutic relationship. She is dedicated to using her expertise to help you process your life experiences, assist you with gaining meaningful insight, and work with you while we create the future you desire. Jessica is an avid traveler that enjoys seeing new places and trying new adventures. Movies and Music are the keys to her heart as well as spending time with her very big family.