Jennifer Belfiore, MA, LPC


Jen has over fifteen years combined experience working as a PA Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor in the school setting, residential treatment, IBHS, and clinical environment, providing perspective on the multi-system factors that influence relationships and contribute to stress and maladaptive behaviors. She thrives in helping teens identify their strengths and ways to effectively cope with the discomfort of change while giving them skills to communicate effectively, and to feel empowered and capable. She also enjoys working with parents and caretakers who may feel conflicted by the evolving demands of parenting and adjusting to the needs of their developing children and adolescents. Jen provides a safe space for clients to feel heard, accepted, and valuable. She utilizes CBT, person-centered, and reality therapy concepts, incorporating practical grounding techniques and coping strategies for anxiety, depression, and emotional dysregulation. Jen’s extensive experience in trauma-informed care and her passion for neurodevelopment gives understanding to the ways that human experiences manifest in the brain and body. She enjoys guiding individuals in their journey toward making new neural connections and positive experiences through their choices and intentional mindset. Jen’s ultimate goal is to assist in the improvement of overall emotional health and relationships through the care of self and the care for one another. In her free time, Jen enjoys time at the beach and with her family. She regularly practices yoga and spends a lot of time walking her energetic dog.