Jenna Groeschel

Therapist Intern

Jenna is a mental health clinician who believes everything happens for a reason and that there’s always meaning behind our personal journies. Her goal is to help you find meaning in your personal journey, help you navigate your meaning collaboratively, and help you be authentically you! She approaches her work using compassion while also encouraging individuals to trust their intuition – you know yourself best! Jenna likes to build a unique connection with each individual on a foundation of authenticity, openness, understanding, and quirky humor. One of her greatest joys in working with clients is celebrating successes – big or small.

When not at work, Jenna loves to travel to and explore National Parks and nature, play and cuddle with her cats (and meow back at them for conversation), and connect with family through game nights and uncontrollable laughter. She tends to make up words and gestures for objects when she can’t think of the name of the object and this might come through while working with clients just as it does outside of work!