James Amaral, LMHC

Outpatient Clinician

Currently accepting new clients! I have been a practicing clinician for approximately 11 years, and have worked successfully with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Primarily my work has been with children and adolescents experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or behavioral challenges, however I also have worked with adults experiencing similar challenges. Whether you or your loved ones are currently experiencing depression or anxiety, or you or your child struggle with emotional regulation, I would provide a supportive environment to discuss those challenges and help you reach your goals.

While I have worked with a wide range of clients, my primary training and experience has been focused on working with individuals who have experienced trauma and/or adverse life events that are having an effect on current functioning. I will work with you to better understand the impact of these events, and to identify strategies to manage that impact.

I look forward to hearing from you, and getting the chance to hear and understand your story and ultimately to help you achieve your goals.