Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell, MS

Family Support Specialist

Hayley (she/they) became a therapist because she believes in the power of being heard, seen, and appreciated for living our most authentic selves. Often, folks navigate life without having the possibility to embrace how brilliant, capable, and resilient they truly are until given the opportunity to explore their own strengths and share their story with others.

Hayley is currently serving as the Family Support Specialist for Ellie’s Protector Overwatch program. She specializes in working with law enforcement, first responders, veterans and their families through an integrative counseling perspective. Hayley utilizes concepts and techniques from systemic, humanistic, mind-body, cognitive-behavioral, and constructivist perspectives. She maintains that every person has an innate sense of worthiness and is shaped by the world and people around them. Hayley is driven by walking alongside clients as they identify where they are, where they have been, and begin to move towards where they want to be.

Hayley is known for her use of movie quotes, song lyrics, and complete misunderstanding of common metaphors in the office and in session. When not at work, Hayley enjoys giving car concerts free-of-charge to passing drivers, rucking, boxing, and doing art sh*t.