Hannah Sockwell, MA, LMFT


Hannah is a direct and compassionate therapist who is dedicated to helping people identify their goals and provide support along their journey to find greater satisfaction in their lives and relationships. Hannah works from a solution focused perspective, supporting clients in using their strengths and experiences to find ways to lead their best possible life.

Hannah has experience in utilizing DBT and CBT skills and frequently integrates these models into her work. Hannah recognizes that everyone is at a different place in life and works to meet clients where they are, making plans and working together in a collaborative way. Therapy can be an intimidating journey to embark on, so Hannah feels that humor and fun are a crucial part of making positive change in therapy.

Hannah has a passion for working with individuals and partners on relational concerns. This includes rebuilding connection in relationships, repairing injured relationships, improving communication, exploring tough topics like intimacy, sex and money, and working with polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships.