Hana Doering

Senior Manager, Operations, Service and Training

The last decade or so of Hana’s life and career path has felt a lot like that meme depicting a straight line from A to B as ‘expectation’ and a very jumbled, squiggly mess of lines as ‘reality’. However, what has always been true is: she can organize anything, will never stop writing lists, and knows she wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for her own work in therapy. 

These truths provide a solid framework to join the Ellie Fam in the early days of franchising, where Hana is thrilled to help grow and expand the reach of Ellie’s mission and values.

At home, Hana is always starting more books than will finish and trying new meditations. Watching her daughter play hockey, visiting antique stores and breweries with her wife, being near water, and family game nights fill her cup.