Ewa Barnaby, MA, LMHCA


Ewa strives to honor all human experience just as it is. She recognizes that life is rarely linear and sometimes it brings challenges that impact and even overwhelm our ability to access and utilize our capacity to heal. Ewa believes that through counseling it is possible to be curious, alongside one another, about the questions your life is asking you. In her work, she has confidence that together a space can be co-created in which the authentic part of you, her client, can be seen and heard in ways that honor your truth. She aims to help you process complex and confusing emotional experiences so that you can live with greater ease and comfort in your relationship with both self and others.

Ewa began working with clients as an intern in the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the CTS School of Counseling. Since then, her ideal clients are those who desire a collaborative exploration into the paths of healing from trauma and its impact on the mind and body, sexuality and gender identity and expression, and integrating spirituality into the healing process for those who traditional religious practices may have harmed. Ewa is an open and affirming therapist who is constantly striving to increase her cultural competence at the pace of social change.