Emilie Paterson, MA, Counseling

Therapist Under the Clinical Supervision of Kristen Abell, LPC

Emilie is originally from Birmingham, AL. But I wouldn’t quite call her a southerner! After getting her Masters in counseling, she moved to Missouri in 2019. For the last three years she has gained extensive experience in trauma informed care and attachment issues by working hands on with teens and preteens and their families in a residential setting. Emilie enjoys working with children and families, though has a compassionate heart for helping anyone in need. Emilie is trained in Play Therapy, Brain Spotting and Trauma Centered Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Though playfulness is her most genuine suite. You can often find her office filled with games, fidget toys and arts and crafts as well as being hands on with her clients. As mentioned she has gained most of her experience in trauma but also anxiety, depression, grief and attachment. Emilie likes to provide a relaxed, emotionally safe and relational-based environment, knowing that comfort and trust are fundamentals to a successful therapeutic relationship. Prior to becoming a therapist Emilie worked five years in a non-profit organization for those with disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome in a social-recreational setting. Emilie is especially passionate about this population and hopes to work more with this population in the future. In her spare time, Emilie enjoys a good cup of coffee, trying new restaurants, traveling, crafting and cuddling with her hamster, Gini.